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Children are the epitome of joy, curiosity, and innocence, making them the perfect subjects for capturing beautiful photographs that will be treasured for a lifetime. Whether you’re looking to capture your child’s playful personality or simply want a beautiful family portrait, professional kids’ photography is the ideal choice.

At Nancy Milis Photography, we have years of experience in capturing those fleeting moments that make childhood magical.  We work closely with families to create custom-tailored photo shoots that perfectly capture each child’s individuality. From newborns to teens, our expertise lies in creating a comfortable environment that allows their true personalities to shine through in every image.

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Types of Kids Photography Available

Kids’ photography is a wonderful way to capture the beauty and innocence of childhood. Whether it’s their first smile or their last day of school, these moments are precious and fleeting. That’s why at Nancy Milis Photography, we offer a range of kids’ photography options, such as the following

  • Newborn Photography: Newborns are delicate and require special attention when being photographed. Our newborn sessions focus on capturing your baby in natural poses with minimal props.

  • Toddler and Kids Photography:Toddlers and kids are full of energy and curiosity, and we love capturing their adventurous spirit through our photography. We create a fun and engaging environment where your toddler can express themselves naturally, resulting in candid and heartwarming photographs.

  • Outdoor Photography: If your child loves nature, then an outdoor photoshoot might be just what they need. We take advantage of natural light to create stunning images in scenic locations.
  • Milestone Photography: From first steps to birthdays, we offer milestone photography sessions to capture your child’s important moments. These sessions are a great way to document your child’s growth and progress.

  • Lifestyle Photography: Lifestyle photographycreates a storytelling narrative through the images, showcasing the child’s unique character and the joy of simple moments. It focuses on candid moments and genuine emotions, providing a natural and authentic representation of the child’s experiences, interests, and interactions with their environment.

  • Holiday-Themed Sessions: From Halloween costumes to Christmas pyjamas, we have holiday-themed sessions throughout the year so you can document these special times.

Authentically fabulous Modelling Portfolios

Do you want to get your little one into child modelling?

Perhaps you’re a teen model looking for your big break?

Whatever your dream, I help to empower aspiring child and teen models to kick-start their modelling careers with my holistic photography services.

My mentoring, styling, hair and makeup and professional photography services come together to open the door to a kids modelling agency that will catapult your career.

From fashion campaigns to acting, my modelling portfolios not only help you express your confidence, creativity and individual style, but they also create stunning visual legacies that showcase your most beautiful and authentic self. All for you to steal the limelight!

Whether your shoot takes place in my studio or outdoors, one thing’s for sure; my relaxed, fun and supportive environment will take you from go to WOAH!

Child and Teen Model Portfolio Process

  • Mentoring : Our experienced team will provide effective direction to help your child feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera, even if they’re initially camera shy or feeling out of their element.

  • Photography mood board : To help determine the overall look and style of the modelling portfolio, our kid’s photographer will create a customised visual mood board that presents various options, whether it’s sporty, chic, formal, or casual.

  • Styling : We understand that coordinating outfits for the entire family can be a challenge. That’s why we provide styling guidance to help you choose outfits that complement each other and the chosen location.

  • Hair and makeup : We offer professional hair and makeup services tailored to your specific requirements for the teen model or toddler photoshoot. We’ll uncover your natural beauty while enhancing your features so that you feel 100% confident in front of the lens!

  • Photoshoot : Whether it is indoors or outside, we create a relaxed and fun environment where you and your family can feel comfortable. Our photographer will capture both posed and candid shots, allowing your family’s natural interactions and personalities to shine through.

  • Portfolio images : Choose from a wide selection of teens’ and kids’ photography styles that exude your confidence, style and personality and be on your way to modelling success.

Things to Know about Child Modelling Photo Shoots

Photoshoots in Melbourne are an exciting experience for young models who aspire to pursue a career in the modelling industry. Though it might seem like a fun activity, there are several things you need to be aware of before embarking on this journey. Here are some important things that you should know

  • Arrive prepared: Ensure your child is well-rested, has eaten before the shoot and is comfortable in their clothing.

  • Be punctual: Always arrive at least 15 minutes early, as preparation takes time.

  • Understand the brief: Before agreeing to any toddler photoshoot, ensure you fully understand what’s required from you and your child.

  • Safety first: Ensure your child’s safety by checking out the location beforehand and ensuring all potential hazards have been removed or made safe.

  • Relaxation techniques: Parents must help calm their children down when they feel nervous or anxious during a shoot to get the best outcomes possible.

Why Choose Nancy Milis Photography to Capture Your Baby Images

With a professional approach and a keen eye for detail, Nancy Milis Photography in Melbourne can bring a unique perspective to baby photography sessions. From playful poses to candid shots, we know how to make every moment count. Turn those fleeting moments into cherished memories you’ll treasure forever. Contact me at 0430 405 068 or via email at We provide our photography services throughout Melbourne including Ascot Vale, Essendon, and Taylors Lakes.


Choosing a professional kids’ photographer it’s the best way to capture your child’s personality and spirit in photos that will last a lifetime. Professional photographers have the right skill sets and tools to ensure great results.

Kids aren’t always camera-friendly. A capable photographer can capture your child’s personality in various ways, like engaging them in an activity or encouraging them to interact with props on set.

After the photoshoot, we undertake important post-production steps, including colour correction and creative effects, to ensure the best possible outcome. The final images will then be delivered to you.

Our standard and complete packages are priced at $295 and $430, respectively. For the full details of our pricing scheme, you may visit our website or call us on 0430 405 068.

“Nancy is one of those child modelling photographers who just make you feel that you belong from the moment you step foot into the studio. Nancy and her team are super-friendly, energetic & totally professional. Not only did she produce some amazingly, beautiful shots for a modelling portfolio shoot but the laughter and chats we shared were priceless. As for makeup artistry, we couldn’t have asked for anyone more humble and gentle than Anna. Thank you, Nancy! You’re the bomb and we hope to see you one day soon.” - Alessia & Nelana Ferguson
Alessia & Nelana Ferguson

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