Professional Headshot and Events Photography in Ascot Vale

Professional headshots are a type of portrait photography that focuses on capturing an individual’s face, framing them from the shoulder up. These photos are typically used for business or professional purposes. They can be useful for resumes, LinkedIn profiles, company websites, and marketing materials. On the other hand,event photographyinvolves capturing photos of a wide range of events, from weddings or corporate events to concerts and festivals.

When it comes to professional photography services, look no further. Nancy Milis Photography offers a range of services, including headshots photography, family portrait photography, and child modelling photo shoot. We have a team of professional photographers who can cater to your specific needs.

Beach Photoshoots in Ascot Vale

The beach photoshoot offers a unique, natural setting that gives a relaxed and carefree atmosphere for photography. Beaches are great for photography because of the flattering and soft light around golden hours. The combination of the Sun, sand, and water creates a picturesque backdrop that elevates the mood of any photo shoot. Whether you are looking for a romantic engagement shoot or a beach wedding photo session, it is a visually appealing location that can help create a memorable photo shoot.

Here are some types of beach photoshoots you might consider:

  • Engagement photoshoot: A beach is a romantic location for an engagement photoshoot. The beautiful scenery, natural light, and relaxed atmosphere make for great photos.


  • Outdoor family photoshoot: Beach photoshoots are a great way to capture cherished family memories. You can go for a variety of poses and settings, such as playing in the sand or jumping in the waves.


  • Maternity photoshoot: This can be a beautiful way to capture the beauty of pregnancy. The beach setting can create a peaceful vibe for expectant mothers.


  • Professional headshot photoshoot: With this type of photography, you get a unique and creative location for professional headshots. It is perfect for creating a relaxed surrounding for business professionals.


  • Fashion photoshoot: A beach can be a beautiful backdrop for a fashion photoshoot. The texture of the sand and water can help in getting some unique, visually-stunning shots.


  • Solo photoshoot: A beach photo shoot can also be a fun and creative way to capture beautiful solo portraits. With these serene settings, the individual can showcase personal reflection and self-expression.


No matter the type of beach photoshoot you choose, keeping a few things in mind can go a long way. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and choose the right time of day for lighting. Go ahead and communicate with your photographer to ensure that you capture memories perfectly.

Kids and Family Portrait Photography in Ascot Vale

Professional family photos can be a great way to preserve beautiful memories of your loved ones. Our family photographers are experts when it comes to taking images of children and other family members. As families grow and change, photographs serve as a visual reminder of the good times, the laughter, the milestones, and the love shared.

At Nancy Milis Photography, we offer professional kid’s photography as well as newborn family photo session to freeze your golden moments. We take special care while performing kids’ photography so that your child does not feel nervous or awkward. Moreover, our newborn photographers are well-trained to handle and click lovely images of your little ones.

Capturing Moments: Professional Events Photography

Events photography is a popular as well as versatile genre, capturing emotions and key moments of various occasions. Here are some of the most common types of events photography:

  • Weddings: Wedding photography is one of the most popular types of event photography. It involves capturing the bride and groom, the wedding party, and the guests as they celebrate the special day. Our skilled wedding photographers capture everything from “getting ready” shots to the ceremony and reception, as well as the couple’s first dance.


  • Corporate events: Corporate events photography involves capturing business-related events such as conferences, seminars, product launches, and company parties. The photographer’s role is to document the attendees, the speakers, and the overall atmosphere of the event.


  • Sports events: This type of photography is all about clicking the action and excitement of sports events. Our professional photographers are able to anticipate the best moments with a sharp focus.


  • Concerts and music festivals: Concert and music festival photography involve capturing the performers, the fans, and the overall vibe of the event. We have a skilled team that can work in low-light conditions and capture fast-moving performers.


  • Birthday parties and family events: Birthday parties and family events photography involve sealing the special moments of family gatherings into photographs.

  • Charity events: Charity events photography involves capturing the attendees, the speakers, and the overall atmosphere of charity events. The photographs can be used to promote the event and help raise awareness for the cause.

Why Choose Nancy Milis Photography?

By taking into account factors such as expertise, style, portfolio, customer reviews, and communication, ensure that you choose the right photographer for your needs. If you’re looking for professional photographers in Ascot Vale, we’ve got your back. Nancy Milis Photography has a wealth of experience in the different types of photography. Our skilled photographers have a better understanding of how to capture the perfect shots. We customise our style to align with your personal preferences and the type of photos you want to achieve.

Our team communicates with you to understands your vision for your photoshoot. Capture moments that matter – book our events photography services and make your event unforgettable.  You can call us on 0430 405 068 to schedule your session. Feel free to drop us an email at to learn more about our services.

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