Jennifer’s family photography shoot

The wish…

Jennifer’s mother-in-law had been yearning for a professional family photography shoot with her grandchildren from the moment they were born but as with many things, life got in the way!

Jennifer knew she would want nothing more than to hang this precious asset and family heirloom over her mantelpiece so sought out Nancy Milis Photography to chat through what an extended family photoshoot would look like in a bid to grant her mother-in-law’s wish.


The family photo shoot…

After receiving the completed questionnaire, we immediately knew the type of photoshoot Jennifer wanted to arrange for her family – a beautiful and relaxed photoshoot, that celebrated the family’s love, in one of their favourite locations, Brimbank Park.

As with any extended family portrait photography shoot, some preparation was involved ahead of the photoshoot to ensure the experience was nothing short of perfect and enjoyable for everyone. With four families involved in the shoot, we curated a photography mood board tailored to Jennifer’s wider family’s needs which shared themes, outfit styles and colour schemes and offered inspiration on the look and feel to help set the tone for the photo shoot.

With family photoshoot outfits always one of the key points of consideration, the mood board simplified the decision-making process and allowed the Ganci family to settle on a blue colour scheme with everyone encouraged to wear a different shade to express their individuality.

The photo shoot ran like clockwork.

The Ganci clan made up of grandma and grandpa, their children and grandchildren welcomed Brimbank Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon with beautifully colour coordinated outfits. After agreeing on the direction of the family photo shoot based on one of the concepts from the mood board, we were ready to begin.

Throughout the family photoshoot it was just as important to capture each person’s unique style and personality as it was to unlock the family dynamics and relationships between them. For those who were slightly more “camera shy”, we offered gentle mentoring and guidance that helped them to relax and let their inner confidence shine bright.

The experience was authentic in every way possible. We captured some incredibly raw and special moments as each of the family members interacted with one another. To heighten the sensory experience, we encouraged the family to recall some of their fondest memories to elicit the same emotion and freeze it forever in time with a click of a button.

The happiness…

Jennifer’s mother-in-law still can’t wipe the smile off her face every time she steals a look at the spectacular photo hanging over the mantelpiece!

Not only was she overcome with joy and love throughout the photoshoot as she celebrated life surrounded by her world, but the selection of carefully curated images has given her the most precious assets she could ask for which will be cherished, protected and passed down for generations to come.

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